Production and sale of tanning machines


AEFFE MACHINERY attended the 20th edition of the SHOES and LEATHER fair in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) from the 11th to 13th July 2018.

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Aeffe Machinery: Tanning Machines

The first machines marked AEFFE MACHINERY were the perforators, simple machines with a perforating comb that repeat their design at each advancement of the leather or of the materials in sheets that are placed on the conveyor belt. In this machine you can drill and compose some different design electronically modifying the progress of the carpet. Changing the comb and replacing it with the heated plates you will obtain printed matter and if we put the material and the transfer paper together, the machine can print and transfer foils; placing the needles gets a micro-drilling and inserting the punches you can achieve the punching.

After some time, the technical office replaces the comb with a special head, which has no more punches but the blades, thus giving life to the AF CUT: a new machine model with totally different functions. AF CUT right now has a huge success due to the simplicity with which you can get completely different cuts without having to replace any type of equipment or machine tool, but simply by varying the cutting angle and advancement of the paper carpet.

But the company does not stop itself and, determined to change the world of drilling, developsFactotum: an electromechanical system that allows to a very special head to move itself also along the third axis, giving the operator the ability to draw and write everything he can imagine.

The arrival of the third axisinvolves a unique innovation for drilling machines: in fact, customers no longer have to buy hundreds of molds to change drilling articles, but with a single click will be able to transmit to the machine the created drawings by themselves with the appropriate AFCAM software.

Very little time passes and the company has a more surprising and innovative model! The market urges the reptile skin and AEFFE MACHINERY presents AF SNAKE: a machine that can flake leathers and materials in sheets imitating in an incredible way the scales of a reptile.

The AEFFE models now are four: driller, carver, Factotum and Snake. The market is struggling and the companies are forced to choose one of four finishing possibilities proposed by the company, as well AEFFE decides to give its customers another opportunity and places on the market two new models of machineries: Light Multifunction Machines and Multifunction EVO. Twotypes of machines capable of performing all the proposed processes by selecting between three complete machines but leaner and lighter and a complete machine and with a power, a quality and an increased production with respect to all built the first machines.

Then the Tuscan company also decides to look out at the world of imitation leather and textiles by creating two additional models:the first one able to perform the same operations also on any material and the second one able to expand the range of perforated items.

AF LeSyTex (Leather-Synthetic-Textile), a faithful reproduction of the EVO model, but with all the applications that are used in the world of the material in roll and AF 2H, a brand-new version of Factotum capable of driving not one head but two different heads increasing exponentially the ability to draw and write by the drilling, using two different shapes of the hole or two different working processes simultaneously.

Willing to meet the continuous demand of the market in the field of innovations, AEFFE MACHINERY proposes a new type of processing that can be used on the Multifunction EVO: the “Needling System”.Setting in very few steps the conformation of the working head, adding the affixed instruments and using the specific materials (such as real leather, synthetic leather, fabrics, plastic materials etc.), you can obtain beautiful as well as surprising needled drawings.

Till today, AEFFE MACHINERY is the most technologically advanced and completecompany in the world of machineries for tannery and synthetic materials. A project born from the minds of Pasqualetti brothers, Federico and Alessandro, in continuous development for over 14 years. An unmistakable style known all over the world.