ALFA 800 / ALFA 1200 / ALFA 1600

The innovative and revolutionary project of Aeffe Machinery

This model was born to produce the small garments (like gloves, shoes, bags, belts etc.), but it can be adapted to work in continuous by the appropriate mechanical modifications in order to get a massive production.

As our Multifunction machines, it can realize several kinds of working processes on the material: milling, engraving, punching, perforation, carving (partial or total), flaking and foil transfer by temperature. The way to work is completely different from our other machine models: it’s controlled completely by computer (CNC) and it can recreate any drawings and any patterns you want. You will draw your pattern on the provided laptop and at a later time you could transfer the drawings in the computer of the machine. The several installed tools in the working head will realize all that is the figment of your imagination.

You could also catch the images from the web or the already existing ones and directly recrate them on the leather or synthetic material. Unlike the already existing laser machines, this innovative model will engrave your drawings on the material without leaving any residues or producing bad smell. The sizes of this model are 800 x 800 mm (ALFA 800), 1200 x 1600 mm (ALFA 1200), 1600 x 1200 mm (ALFA 1600). These models can be provided with the line of unwinder/winder devices to work in continuous, the laser projector to check the exact position of the drawings on the material or a professional laser to achieve extreme positioning accuracy.

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Example of custom leather with this machine

  • 01df8acb-e304-406e-b8ac-f2dd79b42ae4
  • 10b544dc-3333-4329-b18d-bdecbcb6cb41
  • 22304480-ed95-4568-884b-c421ce0a70b0
  • 249841e7-a133-469e-9519-111a9bbb7490
  • 28f3312e-f7ec-4304-a56d-12fbece3b004
  • 2c53833f-b8af-4d66-90f1-d5f2038ee0e8
  • 2e513926-1379-4c27-96fd-bb5efb063456
  • 5c057e0f-fcec-4e8f-8927-7c251c50c5da
  • IMG_6063
  • IMG_6206
  • IMG_6207
  • IMG_6209
  • IMG_6320
  • IMG_6386
  • IMG_6388
  • IMG_6389
  • IMG_6426
  • IMG_6972
  • a66c78e5-dff6-48a5-a94f-3ff7036a3531
  • ce22c2cf-b54a-42c1-a1b4-d082463e6d64

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