Multifunction Machine EVO

The top of the range branded “AEFFE MACHINERY”

The best seller model in AEFFE home that encloses all the functionalities in one solution.

Available in the sizes 1800mm and 1600mm only, the Multifunction EVO model has the Factotum System and allows to the customer the obtaining of all available working processes with the AEFFE’s machineries: perforations and punching (included all the shapes and sizes requested by the customer), micro-perforations (the micro-hole is a minimal hole and it’s used for the leather transpiration, in some cases it’s invisible by the normal sight), foils transfer and transfer paper (the foil transfer can be made on design or on the whole leather), cuts for the weavings, light and repetitive prints by small drawings, heating working processes, flaking articles as in the AF SNAKE model, cut articles as in the AF CUT model, Factotum System to get perforations by program.

Unlike the Light Multifunction machines where for each working process (drilling/cut/scale) needs to have the proper molds and the proper underlying aluminum basis, in the EVO model you will use a single basis for all working processes, thus optimizing time and money. The machine is provided of a laser to check the standard cut working process.

The Multifunction EVO has been created from the exigency to get better performances than the “lighter” models. In fact, this machine has an increased speed and extra strength of 20%, has the same heating system of the other machineries, the head of the machine allows to use a Factotum mold to make drawings, but the standard perforating molds as well (obtaining the same production of a drilling machine), besides flaking you can print drawings of reptiles and of other genres by means of plates. A further technological improvement, as well as a new opportunity to greatly increase the quantity of articles achievable with our machineries, it’s given by the brand-new “Needling System”. Setting in very few steps the conformation of the working head, adding the affixed instruments and using the specific materials (such as real leather, synthetic leather, fabrics, plastic materials etc.), you can obtain beautiful as well as surprising needled drawings.

The processing system is very simple: by fixing a base of the above-mentioned materials on a woven carpet, you go to superimpose another material at your leisure (specifically fibrous tissues such as wool, felt etc.) and the inserted needles in the working head will go to match the chosen materials making you get some magnificent designs with “woolly” effect. In addition, with this system you can also work fur coats getting the “transfer” of the dorsal fur inside itself.

Even in this new type of processing the software AF CAM is used to create their own designs to be reported later on chosen materials, thus offering the opportunity to express your creativity.

Needling System is usable in Multifunction EVO models only.

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Multifunzione EVO

Examples of leathers with this machine

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  • 160920091302
  • 2011-05-24 16.35.27
  • 2011-10-07 12.53.34
  • 2011-10-07 12.55.45
  • 2011-10-07 13.11.21
  • DSC00665
  • IMG_1227
  • IMG_1229
  • IMG_20170112_171238
  • IMG_20170112_171511
  • IMG_20170112_171704
  • IMG_20170112_171745
  • IMG_2754
  • IMG_3075
  • IMG_4208
  • IMG_7089
  • IMG_7093
  • IMG_7707
  • IMG_8431
  • MICRO3
  • MICRO4
  • perforazione

Products made with this machine

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  • 30
  • 31
  • 32
  • 33
  • 34
  • 35
  • 36
  • 37
  • 38
  • IMG_3874
  • IMG_3875
  • IMG_3876
  • IMG_3877
  • IMG_3878
  • IMG_3879-copia
  • IMG_3880
  • IMG_4448

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