Precision machine

Custom work

The AF products are entirely designed and manufactured within our precision machine shop.

In fact, thanks to the latest generation of machines, our technical department and cad-cam technology applied to manufacturing, we guarantee high quality of our products and the other, in fact by providing our experience we also offer a great service to work for third parties.

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Our machinery

These are the machines that we have in our precision machine shop, for special treatment and other requirements we are working closely with various specialists:

  • Lathe Okuma LB 15 C.N. A/P 250 L.700
  • Parallel lathe Grazioli Dania A/P 200 L.1500
  • Parallel lathe Tovalieri A/P 200 L.1000
  • Parallel lathe ZMM Bulgaro A/P 250 L.4000
  • Cutter Trad. Regiva Visualizzata 1100 x 350 Vertical / Horizontal
  • Cutter Trad. Berico Visualizzata 800 x 300 Vertical
  • Cutter Trad. Samai Visualizzata 700 x 300 Universal
  • Famup MCX 650 C.N. workspace 670X480 Vertical
  • Famup MCX 650 C.N. workspace 670X480 Vertical Palletized
  • Deber Dynamic 2 controll Selca 3045 workspace 2500X800X800 Vertical / Horizontal with rotary table 600X600 24 positions
  • Sachman T314 controll 3045D workspace 3500X1400X2000 indexing head 2.5° x 2.5°
  • Welding wire TelWin
  • Welding electrode
  • Tangential grinding Favretto workspace 1000x300
  • Tangential grinding Stefor workspace 1800x400
  • Benches and equipment for assembling machinery

Our machines are built by a specialist in the grinding of shafts and rolls from diameter 0.8x5mm up to 300x1700mm and another firm specializing nell'elettroerosione pieces up to a height of 450mm.